This week we begin the last unit in our Big Day Curriculum with the theme “Moving On”. Our topic for this week will be “Going New Places” and our vocabulary words will be: travel, trip, and visit. We will read In Our Country, We’re Going on a Lion Hunt, Can You Say Peace, and You and Me Together

For math this week we will review #10 and practice positional words including: behind, position, left, and right. We will also practice one to one correspondence.

Our two new sight words for this week are “the” and “and”. Please take advantage of the homework sheets to help your child learn the new sight words as well as solidify their understanding of letter recognition and sound.

We will talk this week about birds and other animals that hatch from eggs including insects, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. We will make nests for our classroom tree with a really fun STEAM project.

This Thursday is Ascension Day and we will talk about Jesus returning to Heaven after his resurrection. We are also continuing to practice our songs for the closing program and the Lord’s Prayer.

Have a blessed week everyone!