I can’t believe we are in the last week of September already! Fall certainly showed itself this week with the beautiful weather. Last week was such a great week of school baking apple pie, playing with apple pie cloud dough, painting at the easel, learning different positional words, and enjoying all of our specials.

This week we begin our formal introduction to letters with the letter Aa. We will learn how to write both upper and lower case letters, as well as the letter sound, and words that begin with the letter Aa. Most of the children this year are already at the writing level so I will be tailoring my lessons to challenge their abilities as well as encourage those that are still learning to write. Homework is of the upmost importance to foster good learning habits and review what we have been learning in class. Thank you to those who have been diligent with homework.

This week our topic for ELA is “Learning Together”. We will read My Friends, and Mouse’s First Day of School. Our vocabulary words will be: learn, partners, together.

We will conclude our science topic of apples this week with a sink or float experiment, and by tasting red, yellow, and green apples. We will talk about what a scientist is and what a scientist does.

For Jesus time this week we will conclude our lessons on Creation with days 5, 6, and 7. We will also visit chapel on Wednesday for the first time and we will have an extra special visitor come to see us.

Math this week will include reviewing green and rectangle as well as the number 3. We will also work on comparison using the words: shorter, taller, longer, bigger, and smaller.

Our specials this week:

Monday: Computers

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Art and Library

I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed week!