What a wonderful first week of school we had! We learned about apples, and how to make patterns, and got to explore our interests in the different centers set up in the classroom. We made new friends and played on the playground in the beautiful weather. 

This week the learning continues with our second ELA topic “Making Friends”. We will read Friends at School and A Splendid Friend Indeed. Our vocabulary words will be: friends, play, and help. Every Friday we will have a culminating activity in journal writing. The students get to choose a prompt based on something they have learned that week. They will draw a picture and I will help them to write a word to describe what they drew. As the year progresses they will begin to write 2 and 3 words as appropriate, and hopefully be able to write a sentence by the end of the year.

For math this week we will learn positional words including: on top of, under, next to, beside, in front of, and behind. We will complete a booklet drawing apples in relation to a tree based on instructions. We will also review the color yellow, square, and the number 2.

In science this week we will watch to see if our apple seeds grow and we will keep watching to see out apple slice decompose. On Friday we will be baking an apple pie from scratch! We will also explore sunflowers to coincide with the color yellow.

For Jesus time this week we will continue learning about Creation. We will learn days 2 and 3 by coloring in our Creation book and singing a fun Creation song.

Our specials this week:

Monday: Computers

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Art and Library

Please reach out at any time with any questions or concerns. Have a blessed week!