I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. Only one and a half more weeks until Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it!

This week we continue with our theme “Our Community” with the topic “People We Meet”. We will read Jobs, Dot the Firedog, and ABC Drive. Our vocabulary words will be: doctor, firefighter, mail carrier, police officer, and work. We will read a Weekly Reader about community workers, and if time permits we will also read one about fire fighters. 

Our letter this week is Hh. We will read “Happy Hippo” and learn an H song. We will make an H project and practice writing letter H.

For Jesus time we will continue talking about being thankful. First we will read about Joshua and Jericho and remember to be thankful for our cities/communities. Thank we will read about Hannah and remember to be thankful for our places of worship.

Math this week will focus on #10 and the color gray. We continue to count the calendar daily to practice counting and number recognition, and review the numbers we have already learned.

Our seasonal topics include squirrels and scarecrows this week. We will read Squirrels All Year Long, The Nutty Nut Chase, The Scarecrow’s Hat, and The Lonely Scarecrow. We will make a squirrel and a scarecrow craft. We will also put nuts outside our classroom window so we get a chance to see some squirrels up close. I have also created fall sensory bins with leaves, acorns, pinecones, a wood slice and a little squirrel. 

On Wednesday we will have gym with Mrs. DiCandia.

On Thursday we will have art with Mrs. Kerwin and finish a turkey project.

On Friday we will have a visit from Mr. Stainkamp with some more critters from the Critter Room.

Please send in the Thanksgiving feast forms by WEDNESDAY. 

Please remember that we will continue to go outside as long as the feels like temperature is above 40. Sometimes if it is too wet to go to the playground we will just go for a walk to get some fresh air. Please send HATS and other appropriate clothing for being outside.

Have a wonderful, blessed week everyone.