This Week in Art:

All ECC classes will be learning about the artist Claude Monet.  The children will be painting Monet’s beautiful lily pond and adding pink tissue crumbles to replicate the lilies.

Kindergarten:  This class will finish up their lesson on using geometric shapes and lines to draw a figure of a person.  Don’t forget to read the Parent Letter coming home about bringing in an assortment of leaves for a very favorite project…the Leaf People Collage!

Gr. 1:  Our First graders will learn about using line families to create texture on their Hot Air Balloon Collage creations.

Gr. 2:  Grade Two students will enjoy learning about the creative paintings of folk artist Heather Galler.

Gr. 3:  This class will finish up their story quilts and move on to a unit on sculpture.  Coming up….spider and bat creations made out of egg cartons and a little paint!

Gr. 4:  Grade four will move into coloring in their “food paintings” based on the artwork of artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Gr. 5:  Our Fifth graders will learn about the ancient art of Batik.  They will start their very own Fall Faux Batik using glue and fall-inspired watercolors.

Gr. 6:  This class will continue on their “Falling From…” drawings which was based on a lesson on perspective.

Gr. 7:  The class will apply black tempera to their watercolor skies to create a Sunset Silhouette drawing/watercolor.

Gr. 8:  The Eighth graders are still working on their “Phobia” drawings which was based on the artwork Scream by E. Munch.

Art Elective Class:  It’s time to paint our 3D letters after letting the paper mache layer dry.   Can’t Wait!

Have a Blessed Week and Keep Creating!

Mrs. E. Kerwin