This Week in Art

The ECC classes are looking forward to adding eyes, antennas and black spots onto the ladybugs they painted last week…they are so adorable!  First Grade will use watercolors to paint red, white and blue stripes over the encaustic collages they are making that are fashioned after the artist Jasper John’s encaustic flag.  Second Graders are doing a fantastic job on their Under the Sea Seahorse paintings.  They will be adding tiny seashells and sand to give their watercolor collage some texture.

Our Third Grade class will enjoy a tour of Trinity’s lovely stained glass windows.  They will complete this experience with a stained glass window project using oil pastels.  Fourth Grade will be learning how to figure draw using live models from their class.  I wonder which student will be able to hold their pose the longest?  Our Fifth Grade class did an outstanding job on creating original patriotic collages.  The students used the paper in several, creative and successful ways.  Some students ripped, folded, crumbled and even wove the paper to creature depth and texture.  This week they will tackle designing an original mini lego…can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Sixth Grade will be adding the final details to their Pyrapets (three dimensional pyramid pets) this week.  We have pigs, monkeys, cats and dogs so far.  Seventh graders are drawing in the details to their one-point perspective Circle Cities.  This definitely has been a lesson in patience as each building needs to be drawn with all lines leading to the center focal point….all rulers on deck!!!  Eighth Grade will finish up coloring in their Stella-inspired Abstract Protractor designs this week.  Finally, the Trimester 3 Art Elective class will start a project using cool and warm colors and a tracing of their hands!

I hope every Mom enjoyed their Mother’s Day!

Keep Creating!

Mrs. E. Kerwin

(Above) Kindergarten — Jackson Pollock Painting and Art Elective — Paper Name Sculptures