The Last Two Weeks of Art

I can’t believe it’s coming to an end….what a creative school year it has been in the Art Room!

These last few days of art classes will be filled with finishing up projects and passing out projects from the entire school year to take home.  This would be a great time for you as parents to sneak a peek at your child’s artwork one more time.  Perhaps you would like to save or frame some of your child’s creative work to showcase his/her talent?  As a mom I know it’s always fun to pull these projects out from time to time to see how their skills have blossomed.  Some parents take pictures and get their child’s artwork put on pillows, mugs, Tshirts or canvas.  

You may wish to buy a small art set for your child this summer so he/she can practice the skills and lessons learned this past year.  This is an especially good idea in the primary grades as many students still need to polish up on their tracing and cutting skills.  Kindergarten and First Graders are encouraged to keep drawing people using their basic shapes — we don’t want to see any more scribbling or stick figures.  There are many skill books you can buy as well as art pads that are fun to take along on long vacation rides in the car or plane.  Most importantly we want to encourage making art fun and you can accomplish this in the cheapest way possible.  Go to the Dollar Store and look around in the creativity aisle.  There are so many craft materials to be found here that are so inexpensive.  Go on a treasure hunt in your backyard or your trip to the beach and collect seashells or rocks to paint.  Make a collage out of found materials.  Children really enjoy going on where you can learn how to draw almost everything kiddos love to draw these days.

Students starting Grades 6 through 8 next school year will want to save up an empty cereal box at the end of August for the upcoming school year.  We use these boxes at the first few art classes to make our Drawing Journals.

For now I wish all my art students and their families a safe, fun and blessed summer vacation!

Mrs. E. Kerwin