This Week in Art:

All students in Gr. K-8 must have an old shirt or smock by the end of this week for art class.

ECC4 and ECC5:  Welcome to Art ~ both classes will watch a presentation about visiting an art museum. We will discuss “What is art?” and “How Art Can be Made.”

Kindergarten:  In art this week the students will enjoy a lesson on Line Families (curvy, straight, zig zag, wavy, horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines). We will learn how to use lines and shapes to draw certain objects. The students will apply what they learned to their drawing of a Fall Activity.

Gr. 1:  This class will continue their Rainbow Fish drawings based on the book Rainbow Fish by Marcus Phister. The students will use oil pastels and watercolor to replicate the beautiful rainbow fish depicted in the book.

Gr.2:  Grade Two students will be learning how to make a Fall Collage. They will receive a lesson on tree drawing and figure drawing using varied lines and basic shapes.  After their drawings are colored in they will apply fall-colored paint with a sponge-paint technique.

Gr. 3:  This class will join my Art Google Classroom on their chrome books so they can receive important messages, powerpoint and assignments when chrome books are used in class.  We also often use the chrome book for images to help us in drawing.  We will discuss class rules and start our first project based on author and illustrator Faith Ringgold’s book, Tar Beach.  The class will draw a Favorite Family Memory and create a quilt pattern to outline their drawings.

Gr. 4:  Gr. Four students will start their first art lesson on the art element of Space and overlapping shapes in space.  They will analyze the art work of Degas and Homer to see how the artists create space in art.  This lesson will culminate in a construction paper collage.

Gr. 5:  Fifth graders will enjoy a lesson on the art of assorted assemblage collage.  The class will learn how to create “Candy Corn Characters” out of everyday materials such as felt, fabric, yarn, and construction paper.

Middle School Classes:  This week we will use cereal boxes to make our own Art Drawing Journals.  The students will be given a drawing prompt assignment at least once a month.  These journals will be stored in the students’ lockers until they are requested for class.

Art Elective:  My elective group will be creating 3D letters using foam board initials, masking tape, paper mache and paint.

Keep Creating and enjoy your week!

Mrs. E. Kerwin