Week 4

“Be silly, be honest, be kind.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In class, we have been reading Judy Moody was in a Mood. The students have enjoyed hearing about Judy’s antics. We are celebrating the end of the read aloud by presenting our own collages (just like Judy). The Me Collage project is due on Wednesday, October 6th. If you have any questions, please email me.

Last week, I sent home a notice asking for information and money for our class parties. Please make sure the form gets back to me by Tuesday, October 12th.

Instrument lessons are starting this week. The schedule for lessons goes home on Friday for the following week. Please look for the schedule and make note of which day your child has lessons. You can contact Mr. Stainkamp if you have any questions.

Math: We have finished our first chapter on addition and subtraction. We will be taking our chapter test on Tuesday. Afterwards, we will focus on data.

Religion: We are working on how we learn and use God’s words.  We will also explore the 6 chief parts of Christian Doctrine.  We have our Religion Memory Test on Wednesday. It will cover Genesis – Esther. Then, on Thursday, I will introduce the next set of the Books of the Bible, Job – Daniel. I encourage the children to listen to the Books of the Bible song. Our Prayer video is Known by Tauren Wells.

Social Studies: After spending some time with geography, we are diving into Chapter 1.  Chapter 1 focuses on “Our Environment”  and how we interact with the planet.  This week we are looking at land and water. We will be labeling every state in the United States on our workbook map, and then learning about the 5 different regions.  I have put everything in Google Classroom as a reference. This is our first year with this curriculum and I believe that I have given the children access to a lot of online information from the publisher. Our workbook mimics much of the online information. So, please do not be overwhelmed if you see all this information in our google classroom.

Science: We are examining fossils evidence, trace fossils, and animal behavior. We will learn how fossil dinosaur tracks reveal how quickly a dinosaur was running. We will end the week with students figuring out if they could have won a race with a dinosaur that was just their size.

ELA:  Our spelling words this week are lay, real, trail, sweet, today, dream, seem, tea, treat, afraid, leave, bait, screen, speed, paint, please, yesterday, and explain.

We are reading and discussing Destiny’s Gift. The vocabulary words for this story are afford, customers, contacted, raise, earn, figure, block, and spreading. We are also working on antonyms, words with the opposite meaning.

In grammar, we are working on identifying and writing compound sentences.  We are identifying these sentence as two simple sentences joined together with a comma and a conjunction (and, but, to, and or).  We are having Comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and spelling tests on Friday.


Tuesday Math Chapter 1 Test

Wednesday Religion Memory

Friday  ELA Tests

Have a wonderful week! If you have any questions, please email me at nperovich@trinityli.org