This Week in Art

ECC — This week we will use paint to make Peter’s footprints in the snow, stamp snowflakes with our ink pads, and glue Peter with his walking stick to create a scene from E. Keatz’ book, The Snowy Day.

Kindergarten — On Tuesday we will draw snowflakes and add glitter to our Snowman Collage.

Gr. 1 — First graders will learn the meaning of the art term collage and use cut out magazine pieces to create their very own “Shades of Red” Magazine Collage.

Gr. 2 — We’re still painting the background areas of our Winter Tree Collage this week.  In this project students will be demonstrating the art element of space in terms of color and size.

Gr. 3 — It’s all about WINTER in the art room where our Third Graders will create a moonlit scene of winter birch trees using masking tape, watercolor and tempera with a sprinkle of glitter.

Gr. 4 — Fourth Graders will add details to their flat and peak-roofed structures this week after their lesson last week on architecture.

Gr. 5 — This class will be using chalk pastels to draw a snowman at night. The project is based on Carolyn Buchner’s book, Snowmen at Night where snowmen come to life enjoying all kinds of adventures in the snow.

Gr. 6 and 7 — will both be finishing up their Portrait Projects this week.

Gr. 8 — will start a Personality Magazine Collage using magazine pictures and printed, colored images glued onto their silhouette background.

ART Elective — It’s time to paint a winter scene on our wood squares using black acrylic paint and fine-tipped brushes.  Last week we used watercolors to create the beautiful background pastels of The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Keep Creating and Enjoy Your Week!

Mrs. E. Kerwin